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Robust, customisable and recyclable, square metal tins with cut corners are perfectly adapted to food contact. Thanks to a wide range of sizes and our customisation service, you can find the ideal packaging to enhance your brand image or meet a specific request such as a promotional operation or a limited edition.

Customised design service for your metal packaging

Our offer in square metal tins with cut corners allows us to meet all your container needs at best. Indeed, our metal packaging meets all standards in terms of food contact and can accommodate for example:

  • dry biscuits such as Breton pucks, butters and other regional specialities;
  • assortments of filled cupcakes, chocolate cakes, etc.
  • candies, lollipops, caramels and other sweets;
  • parapharmaceutical products such as eucalyptus candies or cough drops;
  • etc.

In addition to a variety of formats and dimensions, Crown offers you the possibility to customise your tin. This is done with the support of our own design team; professionals specialised in metal-specific customisation techniques.

Metal allows our products to take limitless shapes and finishes, including:

  • colour printing on all or part of the square metal tin;
  • embossing, which consists of pressing a pattern into the metal;
  • the application of varnishes and effects of all kinds.

Packaging for all your commercial operations

Our metal tins are an ideal way to market your products on a daily basis, but they are also perfectly suited to all your commercial operations (collection edition, limited edition, gift pack, sports partnership, etc.).

Our tailor-made metal packaging enables you to differentiate yourself in the points of sale, to attract attention and to trigger the purchasing act. It’s also a powerful long-term marketing tool as consumers often keep your tins for reuse. A perfect way to strengthen your brand image and build customer loyalty.

Whether it concerns new premium packaging or a limited edition, ask our teams for information to benefit from support in the design and production of your customised metal tin.


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