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Cosmetics, candies, our metal tins without setting are perfect packaging for year-round marketing or as part of a promotional campaign.

Metal tins without setting

Among the many shapes in our catalogue, Crown offers you metal tins without setting for an enhanced quality image. The rectangular ones are available in numerous shapes and sizes, from the extra-flat to the pocket format.

In compliance with current food contact standards, all our tins without setting are suited for products as varied as:

  • cosmetics, such as blush for example;
  • candies, from local specialities to the most modern confectionery;
  • confectionery of all kinds;
  • lozenges and other gums sold in the parapharmacy, for coughs or sore throats for example;
  • etc.

Why metallic packaging?

If metal stands for a quality image, this is all the more true for our versions with invisible setting.

In addition, our tins with invisible setting:

  • enhance your brand image;
  • protect the product against all kinds of hazards that may occur, particularly during transport and handling;
  • contribute to preserving the nutritional or taste qualities of the product they package;
  • trigger the buying act through easy identification of your item on the shelf.

Primary packaging and event packaging

Our skilled design teams turn your metal setting free tins into beautiful primary packaging or packaging dedicated to a promotional campaign.

Indeed, well designed personalised packaging is a powerful marketing lever allowing you to break with the codes, attract attention on the shelves and influence the final consumer's buying experience. It favours the establishment of new consumer contacts. Through the unique colours or shape, the primary or promotional packaging should immediately provide potential consumers with a certain amount of information allowing them to differentiate your product and, above all, to attract attention.

The ephemeral character of unique personalised packaging for a limited edition, an anniversary, a special Christmas offer and other celebrations, stimulate the act of purchase by triggering the consumer’s desire for the unique collector’s item.


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