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Our welded metal tin, original in volume and design, is a precious asset helping you to differentiate yourself at the point of sale and to influence the final buyer. Well aware of the importance to establish your market positioning, Crown offers round, oval or square metal tins that stand out against the competition. As a renowned manufacturer of metal tins and cans, we guarantee minimum quantities of around 10,000 units. Our teams accompany you throughout your project, right up to the design of your custom fit prototype.

The metal tin, modern and ecological packaging

Thanks to technological innovation, the 21st century metal tin hasn’t much in common with the one invented in the 18th century, except for its conservation properties. 

Understanding of the importance of packaging in the consumer's purchasing act, our welded metal tins offer countless customisation possibilities. Moreover, these tins are designed to be:

  • adapted to food contact thanks to strict compliance with current standards;
  • protective: in case of impact, and also by being perfectly air tight thanks to our lids and other closing solutions;
  • ecological: in addition to the possibility of recycling them at the end of their life cycle, our welded tins are also designed to aim for reduced metal consumption. Our packaging is lighter, saving resources including transport, and limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Unique creation of your packaging

As a specialist in metal packaging solutions, Crown fully measures the impact of custom designed packaging on your brand image, and its importance on triggering the consumer's buying act.

This is why our company disposes of an in-house design team, specialised in the customisation of metal tins. These professionals are able to assist you at every step of the process creating your personalised packaging. Our team is happy to provide innovative propositions and to put their expertise at your service.

Thanks to numerous techniques and solutions, your personalised packaging takes shape in accordance with your wishes and specifications.


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