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Popular with French consumers, metal cans represent the most widely used packaging for syrup. The Crown product range includes straight drums which are fully customisable and can be easily integrated into your industrial manufacturing process.

Straight metal cans : economical and customisable

Among the many metal packaging products in our catalogue, we offer models in original shapes, as well as packaging that focuses on simplicity. Our straight metal cans are primarily intended for the syrup market.

In France, the food packaging market is largely dominated by metal models, which offer a myriad of advantages. Their foremost advantage is their low production cost. The straight drums we offer focus on what’s essential, helping you reduce the manufacturing cost of your product. They are therefore destined to entry-level syrups, but with qualitative packaging. Despite being a low-cost product, it allows your brand to stand out from the competition.

Because Crown's teams understand the importance of customising your packaging, our designers put their expertise at your service by assisting you in the design and production of your prototype. Customised packaging will make your products become easily identifiable at the points of sale, which in turn helps to promote the purchasing process.

Recyclable metal packaging

Unbreakable, customisable and safe for younger consumers, the straight cylindrical can has another advantage, that of being metal-made. This material, approved for food contact, is easily recyclable. This aspect should be taken into account because more and more consumers are directing their purchases according to its containers, aware of their impact on the environment.

The straight metal can is the most environmentally friendly packaging, as its recycling is simple and above all energy-efficient. The metal packaging is automatically collected by a magnet in the sorting centres. It’s then sent to steel mills to be melted into new metal.


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