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Crown's custom designed cylindrical-shaped metal packaging is primarily used for syrup. These metal cans have been chosen by the French, second largest consumers of syrup in Europe, as their favourite packaging. 

Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, we ensure the positioning of your product range at the point of sale and strengthen your brand image. 

Cylindrical-shaped cans, number 1 in syrup containers

Among the many metal packaging products in our catalogue (rectangular, original, with invisible setting, etc.), Crown offers several models of moulded metal cans compatible with food contact.

These containers are primarily used in the syrup industry. This market is rapidly changing in particular with organic products. The metal canister is the most widely used container in this sector, representing two thirds of the packaging volume.

It can’t be denied that our metal packaging presents numerous advantages:

  • unbreakable, which reduces losses during handling, whether in transport, at the point of sale or at the consumer's premises;
  • safe for children;
  • light-impermeable;
  • recyclable: metal is one of the best recyclable materials in the world, particularly in France. The material is also appreciated by consumers because it’s totally inert, unlike some plastics for example.

Experts in metal cans customisation

If metal cans are popular with French consumers, it is because of their many qualities, and also because they are particularly attractive.
The models proposed by our company follow these guide lines. Some packaging plays the sober card, while others have bold and easily identifiable shapes.

To pursue this desire for original and unique packaging, our own teams of expert metal designers are at your disposal to design your custom moulded can. This design service can go as far as the production of a tailor-made prototype.


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