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Packaging with a positive and qualitative image, the large diameter round metal tin is ideally suited to all kinds of confectionery, biscuits and other gourmet products. Available in many shapes and sizes, your packaging can be fully customised by our graphic design teams to make it a unique model in line with your brand.

The metal tin; a powerful communication lever

More than any other packaging, Crown's large diameter round metal tins are a great communication tool. Indeed, this container:

  • valorises your products thanks to the upscale image it conveys to consumers. It is traditionally used for confectionery or high-end and artisanal biscuits. Today, more than ever, the metal tin refers to the idea of elegance and quality;
  • plays a protective role both during transport from your production to the point of sale, avoiding risks of crushing, and after opening, shielding your products from humidity;
  • can be easily integrated into any industrial manufacturing process;
  • can be stored and reused by consumers, especially the limited editions. Your packaging thus becomes your best advertising tool;
  • is 100% recyclable: metal is one of the few materials that can be recycled indefinitely. This isn’t an insignificant property as a growing number of consumers is sensitive to the environment and the recyclability of packaging.

Large diameter round metal tins: what use?

Our large diameter round metal tins are all compatible with food use. This format can therefore accommodate all kinds of sweet treats, including assortments of chocolate cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, nougat and other sweets.

Many other uses are of course possible, like packaging for non-food products or promotional packaging of products in the context of targeted or event-driven communication.

Whether it concerns the packaging design for your future product range or a limited edition, Crown offers you its expertise through its customised design service. Thanks to the latter, your imagination becomes reality, with Crown helping you create your unique large diameter round metal tin in the colours of your company.


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