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An assortment of biscuits, a tasting pack, a Christmas tin or a promotional offer, Crown’s rectangular metal tins offer countless possibilities in terms of personalisation and use. Made of an inalterable and robust material, and meeting all of the most demanding food standards, our metal packaging can be integrated into all large-scale production processes.

Possible uses of rectangular metal tins

Rectangular metal tins, like all our other octagonal, round or oval models, are compatible with food contact, thanks to strict compliance with the current standards.

Indeed, our metal packaging can be used to accommodate all your products such as biscuits, chocolates, sweets and other regional specialities, automatically positioning them as premium.

In addition to being the regular packaging of your branded products, our rectangular metal tins can be adapted at will to meet a specific need. For special occasions such as an anniversary, a limited edition or a major commercial event, Crown proposes:

  • tasting packs displaying different teas, organic infusions, coffees etc. for tasting;
  • gourmet tins integrating a transparent window into the lid;
  • themed tins for Mother's Day or Christmas;
  • promotional packaging for your brand's anniversary or for a major sporting event;
  • tins for assortments of candy;
  • etc.

Customisation for unique metal packaging

Of course, our rectangular metal cans and tins are not only designed to accommodate foodstuffs. They can have many other uses. And it’s precisely to meet each of your needs that we put our teams of creators and graphic designers at your disposal.

Our team of professionals experienced in all metal customisation techniques can create your personalised version of the model you have selected. It is even possible to consider the design of a custom-made model, with dimensions, the capacity or the closing system tailored to your wishes.

To create these unique designs, Crown disposes of numerous production techniques, such as partial or complete printing of your container, embossing, various finishes including the possibility of a special sensation to the touch.


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