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A renowned European specialist in metal packaging, Crown, more than a manufacturer, is a true partner able to provide you with a customised and tailor-made packaging solution. To enhance the quality image of your products, discover our many models, and especially our rectangular tins.

Why choose metal for packaging?

Metal has always been considered the ideal material for food preservation. Today, more than ever, the use of metal packaging, especially for food, is well perceived by consumers:

  • premium: metal refers to the notion of quality;
  • protective: solid, metal packaging plays a protective role, avoiding damage as a result of shocks, humidity, temperature differences or sunlight;
  • enhanced conservation after opening: especially in the case of confectionery and biscuits;
  • reusable: limited editions, collector’s  or gift  packs are often reused by consumers,  reinforcing the anchoring of your brand;
  • recyclable: at the end of its life, metal can be easily recycled. A strong argument to which an increasing number of consumers is sensitive at a time when global warming is a cause for concern.

Customised metal packaging

Rectangular metal tins have dimensions that are particularly suitable to receiving foodstuffs such as assortments of biscuits or sweets.

Whether it concerns classic or more daring shapes, Crown’s metal-design professionals provide you with customised or tailor-made solutions. While respecting the specifications, they can realise a partial or complete personalisation of your future packaging, from the development of the first virtual models to the production of a 1:1 prototype.

Both customisation and custom design reinforce the identity of your brand, enhance the value of your product, differentiate yourself at the point of sale and in the end, attract an ever wider range of customers. 

Looking for new product packaging or a collector's metal tin? Let us know what your needs are and benefit from our expertise in packaging solutions.


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