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To launch a new product, to strengthen your brand positioning or at the occasion of a promotional campaign, you are certainly looking for a metal tin that is way more than just packaging. If you wish to enhance the visual identity of your production, discover our customisable packaging in the shape of a flower, a house, a triangle with cut corners, a hexagon or any other imaginable model.

Innovative packaging to make a difference

The importance of packaging in your marketing strategy is fully recognised. While protecting the product, our polygon-shaped metal tins allow you to stand out on the shelves.

This feature is of utmost importance because, at least 6 times out of 10, consumers decide on their purchase in front of the shelf.

Your packaging thus plays several roles:

  • it allows an easy identification of your range thanks to its unique shape. This is why you’ll find such a wide variety of uniquely shaped packaging in our catalogue; a flower, a triangle with cut corners or even a hexagone;
  • it helps seduce the consumer at the point of sale to trigger the purchasing act and then build loyalty in your core target group;
  • it protects its content. Indeed, if the marketing aspect is essential, the original function of the solid and air-tight metal tin is to best protect your product against the outside elements (temperature, humidity, shocks, etc.).

Personalisation and event packaging

In addition to an easily identifiable shape, do you want your packaging to be completely tailor-made?  Our in-house designers take care of its customisation to turn your polygon tin into unique packaging and a powerful marketing lever.

These same graphic and product designers can also assist you in the design of event related packaging. Limited series, promotional packs or special editions, its ephemeral character enhances the chance of triggering the buying act at the point of sale by breaking with the usual packaging of your product.

This packaging can become a powerful long-term communication tool because consumers often keep some of these tins for a completely different use, thus generating an everyday proximity with your core target audience and a continued influence on the purchasing process.


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