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It’s well known that packaging plays a major role in product design. In addition to reflecting your brand positioning, it is a very strong means of identification and helps influence the purchasing act. To this effect, it’s essential to stand out from the conventional codes, which is why Crown has designed a wide range of atypical shaped metal tins just for you.

Metal tins, a key element of your marketing strategy

An essential marketing and communication tool, packaging is not only intended to protect the product. A special motif, bright colours or a strong visual, all design elements aim to promote the act of buying at the point of sale. In addition to design and colours, opting for an atypical metal tin is also an excellent way to break with standardised codes and attract a wider audience.

This is why, next to its octagonal, round, square or rectangular tins, Crown offers a wide choice of atypical models compatible with food use. Asymmetrical or shaped like toast for example, these customisable audacious packaging designs allow you:

  • to make a positive first impression to your consumer;
  • to reinforce the identity of your product range by associating it with an original packaging shape and by breaking with uniformity;
  • to affirm your brand identity;
  • to stand out from the competition on the shelves;
  • to attract the consumer's curiosity and attention;
  • to trigger the first or recurrent purchasing act .

Timeless or event-driven design: personalisation of your metal tin

Customisation helps you reinforce the impact of your atypical tin. With its expertise in the field of metal packaging, Crown puts its own teams of graphic and product designers at the service of your brand. 

Taking into account your different needs and requirements, whether it concerns a timeless design of your product package, or an event package such as a promotional sale, a limited edition, an anniversary or Christmas gift pack. Crown’s teams are able to create unique packaging just for you.


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