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Are you looking for metal packaging that inspires softness through its lines? For your primary or event packaging, Crown offers a wide range of round-bodied tins. Thanks to their many different shapes and sizes, they are suited to a great variety of products, like foodstuffs for example.

Metal packaging adapted to your needs

Specialist in metal tins and cans compatible with food contact, Crown attaches great importance to offering an extended range of models to best meet your expectations.

In addition to the core models (square, oval, etc.), Crown offers packaging with a rounded body. Its fluid lines immediately convey an impression of softness that is perfectly appropriate for everything related to:

  • assortments of biscuits, cookies, nonnettes, speculoos and other shortbreads;
  • confectionery: various sweets, lollipops, local specialities, macaroons, etc;
  • assortments of tea, herbal tea or tisane;
  • coffee beans or ground coffee;
  • chocolate powder;
  • organic or high-end products.

It goes without saying that this curved packaging isn’t designed for foodstuffs only. It is suitable to non-food products as well and constitutes original packaging for all kinds of occasions, such as a marketing operation.

Personalisation, for unique packaging

If the metal tin offers many advantages (robustness, infinite recycling, reinforced conservation, etc.), from a commercial point of view, its customisation is an essential step to obtain greater marketing performance through enhanced quality perception and brand visibility.

Thanks to its expertise, Crown is able to offer you the best for your packaging. Our own design teams are at your disposal to:

  • be a source of proposals and ideas;
  • give personalised support, from the first computer aided drafts from our graphic designers, to the creation of a prototype to scale by our technical teams.

Our know-how allows you to take full advantage of your tin’s round bodied features, in particular through:

  • different covers, like covering or tapered models, or covers with a small transparent window. Some of our containers can be equipped with a sealed lid guaranteeing optimum food preservation;
  • many effects (matt, glossy, crackled, etc.) for a personalised finish;
  • embossing techniques allowing the impression of shapes into the metal and make your packaging even more qualitative;
  • different sensations to the touch such as perforations, soft touch, etc.

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