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Original in shape, the octagonal metal boxes available in our catalogue help strengthen your brand identity. Complying with the current food packaging standards, this innovative packaging is designed to accommodate all kinds of delicacies, while being a perfect marketing tool in your commercial campaign.

Packaging with audacious contours

Although Crown’s octagonal metal tins can be used for many purposes, they are particularly suited to be used for sweets and other delicacies. Indeed, it’s a format that has long been associated with the marketing of gourmet food.

Thanks to the different sizes and capacities offered, this original packaging can host a wide variety of food products, such as:

  • local specialities like Breton palets or nonnettes;
  • assortments of dry, chocolate coated or filled biscuits;
  • traditional or modern candies;
  • upscale sweets like macaroons, candied chestnuts, etc;
  • drinks including tea, coffee or herbal teas for the tallest octagonal tins;
  • etc.

Crown’s octagonal tins aren’t limited to food. They can, of course, be used for other products and on other occasions; a promotional campaign, major annual events like the Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, a limited edition or promotion.

Customised metal tins, a powerful communication tool

The metal tin, whether octagonal, with cut corners or round corners, is viewed as more than just packaging by our design teams. Well aware that the tin’s primary function is to protect the taste and nutritional qualities of food and to avoid damage in the case of a non-food product, in our modern society however, such conditioning is firstly intended to be:

  • collectively acknowledged as a symbol for quality. A premium positioning that makes the difference when buying;
  • an opportunity to stand out and enhance your brand image thanks to our customisation service. Our teams intervene at request to help you create a unique design for your future packaging;
  • a great marketing tool, at the point of sale, but also at the consumer's homes, keeping and reusing your octagonal metal tin.

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