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Luxury, premium, elegance
All attributes supported by metal to help your brand stand out from the crowd.



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For champagne, single malt whisky, French grand cru wine or cognac, Crown offers you the opportunity to enhance your spirits with personalised metal packaging, a true ambassador to your company or brand.

Metal tins for champagne, whisky and other spirits

Specialists in the manufacturing of customised metal packaging for food and beverages, Crown has developed a substantial selection of metal tin profiles for the spirit market. Our packaging is available in many shapes and sizes, from more classical shapes, such as rounds or squares, to audacious designs to enhance at best:

We produce all our metal containers ourselves, guaranteeing you:

Capitalise on the added value of metal packaging

To ensure the strong identity of your spirits’ packaging, our metal design teams are involved in each stage of its creation, right up to the development of a 1:1 scale prototype.

This design service, also covering our other ranges of metal tins and cans (confectionery, drinks, etc.), allows you to create;

A real added value, your packaging is a marketing tool, enhancing the value and brand image of your champagne, Armagnac or whisky.

More sophisticated and elegant than other materials, metal packaging is closely associated with the idea of quality and upmarket products in the eyes of consumers.  A feeling that can be reinforced by specific tactile finishes, such as a silky touch or embossing.


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