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Limited editions, special anniversary, celebrations...
We have many creative options to develop your unique pack to create the momentum around your brand.






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A limited edition, a promotional offer for an anniversary or Christmas? The metal tin represents premium packaging that allows you to both enhance your brand and establish your positioning in the market. To do so, Crown not only offers you metal tins in all shapes and sizes, but also accompanies you throughout the design and customisation process of your promotional packaging.

Why use a metal tin for your marketing operations?

End of year celebrations, anniversaries, product launches: for your marketing operation to be a success, it is essential for your brand to stand out against the competition. The metal tin is the most appropriate answer to everything related to:

While our metal packaging is designed to meet the food standards, it is not the only possible use. It can also be utilised for packaging:

A team of designers to customise your packaging

Whether it concerns a promotional offer, a Christmas gift pack or a marketing operation, you need to stand out with creative packaging. To make your packaging a true ambassador for your brand, Crown provides you with its teams of designers. Experienced in all metal techniques, they are able to accompany you throughout the design process, from the first sketches to the full-scale manufacturing of a prototype.


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