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From a catalogue model to the fully tailor-made version, Crown designs and produces a wide variety of metal packaging for the food industry in particular, tins for beverages, such as ground coffees, teas and hot chocolate powder.

A metal tin to preserve the aromas

Crown, a manufacturer renowned for its expertise in the field of metal packaging, offers a wide range of metal tins and cans. Meeting all European requirements, our packaging is designed to accommodate food, including bulk products for beverages such as coffee beans or ground coffee, tea, hot chocolate powder or herbal teas.

Metal tins are ideal for this type of food, allowing you to optimally preserve the aromas and flavour of your products. An additional advantage of our metal packaging is that it helps you reinforce the quality positioning and image of your brand, in particular, in relation to organic or upscale products.

Available in many sizes to meet all of your expectations, our metal beverage tins come in a wide variety of shapes. In addition to the simple square, round or rectangular metal tins, Crown has created packaging in original and even whimsical shapes.

Fully customisable packaging

Thanks to our solid expertise in metal, our teams are able to customise your metal tins, or even offer you tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

In addition to the choice of shape (ovaloctagonal, etc.) and capacity, further customisation of your metal packaging can be done through:

Have you got a metal tin project for beverage products? Crown will take care of the design of your future packaging, from the initial draft through to prototype manufacturing.


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