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Ideal for gifting seasons, our metal cans can enhance and present your product in a premium way.






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Metal packaging can reinforce the premium positioning of a product. The range of metal tins for cosmetics designed by Crown is destined to package cosmetics and health-care products for the perfumery or pharmaceutical market.

Metal tins for cosmetics and beauty products

Specialist in customisable metal packaging, Crown offers you a broad selection of metal tins designed to accommodate beauty products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Our metal tins are available in a wide variety of shapes:

Each can be made to accommodate varying volumes to suit different products:

Customisation and custom design

Because metal packaging contributes to the premium positioning of your cosmetics brand, we provide you with a customised design service for your tins.

Indeed, our product offering represents an extended variety of sizes and, above all, it includes the possibility of calling on our team of designers who are specialised in metal cosmetics tins to create tailor-made packaging solutions.

Crown masters many different techniques to decorate and personalise your packaging, depending on your needs and wishes:

Whether it concerns a product launch, a Christmas gift pack or a marketing operation, our designers customise your packaging on demand and can provide you with a tailor-made metal tin for cosmetics, both in terms of shape and capacity.


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