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Biscuits are tasty and crunchy!
Tins are ideal for protecting your product and keeping it fresh. Beautiful tins reflect high quality product.






Other shape

To preserve the freshness and genuine taste of your cookies, chocolate biscuits, macaroons and shortbreads, discover our metal tins! Of a classic or perhaps more of an innovative design, our metal packaging can be fully customised, for example featuring your company’s colours, brand name and logo.

Packaging that enhances your brand image

The metal tin has survived the centuries, continuing to draw consumers in as strongly as ever. Note perhaps, that this type of packaging is always associated with quality and upmarket products.

Metal tin promises numerous benefits:

Customised metal tins; square, rectangular or tailor-made 

A change of packaging, a promotional campaign, a collector's edition or product launch, our company offers a wide range of metal packaging, covering any conceivable use for all types of cakes and biscuits. Our metal tins:

Suitable for cookies, cakes and other biscuits, the tins can be fully tailored to your needs by our design teams:


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