Crown’s Design Capabilities Recognized with Multiple Award Wins in 2020

Packaging graphics create a first and lasting impression in the minds of consumers when making purchasing decisions. To help our customers maximize this important opportunity, we have amassed deep graphic design and printing expertise, commercialized a robust portfolio of innovative inks and finishes and opened multiple beverage can reprographics studios around the world to help our customers take designs from an initial concept to production-ready artwork.  

We get great enjoyment from collaborating with our customers to achieve extraordinary results and appreciate that our work continues to be recognized by the industry at large. Here are just a few of the honors we received this year: 

Celebrating Our Know-How

The Cans of the Year Awards, organized by the The Canmaker, honored two of our business with prestigious prizes. The European Aerosols & Promotional Packaging business won the top prize - the prominent Can of the Year Award – as well as Gold in the “Fancy Can” category with its Fishers Gin tin. For this project, our team of experts was involved from the outset with the customer, drawing from the Company’s design and engineering experience to produce a stunning tin that not only met but exceeded all expectations. Printed in our facility in Newcastle and manufactured in Carlisle, U.K., this is the result of a true collaborative effort we can all be proud of! 

At the same event, our Efes beer cans received Gold in the “Beverage Two-Piece” category. These stunning designs are the perfect proof of “technology supports storytelling” in action. The project required our teams’ artistic skills and limitless creativity to bring to life the characters and the story in the printing process. Working with High Quality Print™ (HQP) technology, which is used to print fine details and almost photographic images, involves the creation of special laser engraved plates. 

The Fishers Gin was a popular choice in the U.K. Packaging Awards 2020, where it was recognized with the Metal Pack of the Year award in the “Promotional, Decorative & General Line” category, while the limited-edition cans we produced for the Efes Natakhtari beer won in the “Packaging Design/Label” category at the World Beverage Innovation Awards, organized by Foodbev Media.

Celebrating Our People

Our recognition in 2020 goes beyond our designs, extending to our people’s know how and expertise. Graphics Studio Press Supervisor Bryan House was named as one of two “Decorators of the Year” for 2020 at the prestigious International Metal Decorating & Packaging Association (IMDPA) Awards. Bryan operates a pilot press and has 25 years’ experience in roles such as printer operator, production supervisor and quality manager, ensuring that each target can produced meets the highest quality specifications in order to allow production plants to easily match the target. His professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to quality were the core qualities that were recognized in selecting him for this award according to the judging panel.

Our global graphics professionals earned two additional “Excellence in Quality” awards during the IMDPA competition. The Crown Beverage North America team in Kankakee, IL took home the “Award of Excellence” for its Brickstone Brewery Haz’d Juice IPA can. Our European beverage division secured the “Best of Category” title for its Baladin POP can, made in our Patras, Greece facility. 

Congratulations to all of those involved in creating these standout designs and helping us push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of metal decorating and can design.

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne + Crown Promotional Packaging


Piper-Heidsieck Champagne entscheidet sich für Premium-Metallverpackungen bei den Australian Open, um die Exzellenz und den Sportsgeist zu feiern.

Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging Europe hat in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Champagnerhersteller Piper-Heidsieck eine Werbedose für das Tennisturnier Australian Open (14. bis 27. Januar 2019) herausgebracht.

Als offizieller Champagner, der jährlich stattfindenden Australian Open, wollte Piper das erste von vier Grand-Slam-Tennis-Events mit einem limitierten Premium-Verpackungsformat gebührend würdigen.

Die Premium-Attribute einer Marke werden durch Metallverpackungen aufgewertet und ergeben zusammen mit ihren herausragenden nachhaltigen Eigenschaften die perfekte Balance zwischen Attraktivität, Funktionalität und Verantwortung.

Während sicherlich viele von den Verbrauchern die Metallverpackung des Turniers als Souvenir aufbewahren, werden die Dosen im Falle der Entsorgung in den Recyclingkreislauf eintreten und während des gesamten Prozesses keinen Eigenschaftsverlust erleiden, so dass das Metall immer wieder für den gleichen Zweck auf unendlicher Basis verwendet werden kann.

Der hier geleistete Beitrag zur Kreislaufwirtschaft des Materials hat Piper sehr gut gefallen, da es für Marken immer wichtiger wird, die Umweltauswirkungen ihrer Verpackungen zu berücksichtigen. 

Nicolas Feuillatte Champagner Dose "wunderland" gewinnt Gold Award bei Travel Retail 2018


Nicolas Feuillatte Champagner Dose "wunderland" gewinnt Gold Award bei Travel Retail 2018

CROWN Aerosol & Promotional Packaging freut sich bekannt zu geben, dass der GOLD-Award bei der Travel Retail Zeremonie 2018 an die Nicolas Feuillatte Champagner Dosen für Reserve Exclusive Brut „wunderland“ und Selection Brut „wunderland“ ging.

Das preisgekrönte Design der Dose zeichnet sich durch metallische Goldprägungen aus, die die Blatt- und Laubdetails mit Eichhörnchen, Libellen und Vögeln hervorheben. Hinzu kommt noch eine edle Kombination aus spektakulären Matt- und Glanzlacken.

Nicolas Feuillatte lädt Sie ein, das Wunderland der Champagne zu erleben.


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